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Print Flyer. Frontmatter Pages I-IV. Download PDF. Language testing in the context of migration Tracy, Rosemarie Pages Professional and social integration of migrants and language learning: convergences and challenges at the European level Bednarz, Furio Pages The number of quarters accrued under all schemes combined cannot exceed 4 per calendar year. Only one quarter is required for entitlement to a pension from the scheme for salaried workers in agriculture.

If the claimant has not accrued the required length of insurance their retirement pension will be calculated at the full rate:. Individuals born on or after January 1st, , are automatically entitled to the full rate at age When certain requirements are met, periods of employment abroad in a country that has signed a Social Security agreement with France can be taken into account when determining the member's retirement pension payment rate.

Under French legislation alone, periods of employment abroad accrued prior to April 1st, , for which buyback contributions can or could have been made, are taken into account as equivalent periods when determining the member's pension payment rate from statutory retirement age article R. An individual can submit a pension claim to any of the pension funds to which they have belonged. The funds then work together to compile the information needed to process the claim and calculate the pension.

In general, the competent scheme to calculate and pay the applicant's pension is the last one to which they belonged. However, priority rules may apply instead: this is the case when the insured was last a member of two aligned schemes at the same time or when Lura does not apply to their last scheme of membership. The pension is then calculated and awarded by the competent scheme pursuant to its own rules and policies. For children born after January 1st, , additional quarters for adoption and child-rearing can be shared between the parents.

Indeed, the parents can determine who accrues the additional quarters or how the additional quarters will be shared within a 6-month period following the 4th anniversary of the child's birth or adoption. Up to eight additional quarters may be credited to persons bringing up a child with a severe disability who and qualifies for the special education disabled child's allowance AEEH.

An individual can reach full-rate retirement pension age between 65 and 67 as determined by birth year but not have accrued the required length of insurance for entitlement to a full pension all basic schemes combined. They can increase their length of insurance by delaying retirement beyond that age whether or not they continue to work. In this case, their length of insurance will be increased by 2.

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Salaried workers in agriculture who began working at a very early age may be eligible for the early retirement program for members with a long career, which entitles them to a basic pension with no rate reduction. Members who began working before age 16, 17, or 20 may be eligible to retire before age 60 if both of the following requirements are met:. All periods on which contributions were paid into a French scheme are taken into account.

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Certain equivalent quarters are treated as if contributions were paid. This means that the following are taken into account:. A salaried worker in agriculture can apply for early retirement under the RATH program from age Their pension will be calculated with no rate reduction and be paid with a specific top-up. Disability assessments cover the entire calendar year.

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When a member is assessed as having a disability at any time over the course of the calendar year, all quarters of that year are considered as having been accrued while disabled. The RATH program is designed for workers who had a disability for a significant proportion of their career and who completed the required paperwork to have their disability recognized administratively on an ongoing basis throughout the time they worked with a disability.

A salaried worker in agriculture can apply for early retirement on the basis of permanent incapacity for work beginning at age Their pension will be calculated with no rate reduction assuming that they have a minimum incapacity-for-work rating with a work-related origin that was caused by either an occupational illness or an industrial accident that resulted in injuries identical to those compensated for by France's occupational illness insurance scheme.

Early retirement pensions awarded on the basis of permanent incapacity for work are calculated with no rate reduction, regardless of the member's length of insurance. Statutory retirement age is lowered on the basis of the number of additional length-of-insurance quarters accrued, which is capped at Additional length-of-insurance quarters accrued on the basis of arduous work are incorporated into the member's full-rate length of insurance.

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With Aspa , individuals with little money for their retirement can draw a minimum income if they meet the eligibility requirements. To be eligible for a survivor's retirement pension, the applicant must meet the following requirements:. To learn more, please refer to articles L. The widow er 's allowance is awarded only when directly applied for by the survivor. If the deceased had belonged to several different schemes, only one scheme is competent to assess and pay a widow er 's allowance entitlement.

The widow er 's allowance comes to It can be paid at a reduced rate on the basis of the surviving spouse's income. The allowance is paid on a monthly basis for a period of 2 years following the death, insofar as the eligibility requirements continue to be met. If an application is submitted within the 12 months following the spouse's death, the allowance's effective date is the 1st day of the month of the death.

Otherwise, the effective date is the 1st day of the month of the application. Most of these benefits are means-tested and can be paid at various rates based on the claimant's income. MSA pays a family allowance to households with 2 or more children under the age of Rates are based on household makeup, and are also income-based as of July 1 st , The household income taken into account is the same that is used by the MSA Fund to calculate other family benefits.

This income is used to determine the income bracket to which the household belongs in order to calculate their family allowance entitlement. The family allowance is paid automatically from the second child's birth or arrival in the household, provided that the family has declared the child's birth or adoption to their MSA Fund. They are paid automatically from the month following the child's birth or arrival. This supplement is paid to help with child maintenance costs. It is a means-tested benefit that is paid to households with 3 or more dependent children, if the 3rd child is at least 3 years old.

ASF is paid to a single or foster parent raising one or more child ren who are totally or partially deprived of family support.

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ASF can be paid on top of a small child support award. This allowance is not means-tested. Paje was created to make life easier for new parents. This allowance provides financial aid if on parent temporarily stops working to care for a child with a serious illness, accidental injury, or disability. It is not means-tested.

This benefit helps families pay for back-to-school expenses for children ages 6 to To draw this benefit for children ages 16 and up, families must submit a declaration of each child's school or apprenticeship enrolment to their MSA fund. This allowance provides financial assistance with educational and health care expenses for dependent children with disabilities under the age of This allowance is awarded as minimum income for people with disabilities on a low income or who have no other source of revenue.

Claimants are required to declare their income each quarter in order to keep drawing AAH. AAH eligibility requirements and rates are determined on the basis of age, nationality, and place of residence. The applicant must:. Monthly AAH rates are determined on the basis of family circumstances and other income. It is awarded for 1 to 5 years, or, from January , for 20 years if the disability does not improve. The full rate amounts to euros per month amount applicable as from November 1st, MSA offers programs to deal with issues specific to agriculture and the rural environment. These include:.

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