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But the most celebrated of these are not the best, and, on the other band, the best are by no means the most celebrated. Gutzkow's "Knights of the intellect" Ritter corn Geiste , and the "Debit and Credit" of Freitag, have unquestionably found by far the largest circle of home readers, as they are likewise the best and most favourably known abroad. This, however, is to be ascribed rather to the literary position of the authors, than to the real value of their performances.

Spielhagen, Friedrich ()

Yon Nacht rir Licht, von Friedrich Bpicilogen. Both are, moreover, editors of widely circulating journals, or, at least, were so, until very lately.

In saying this, we do not mean to assert that the performances of Gutzkow and Freitag are void of all merit. It is equally indisputable that in "Debit and Credit" the theme selected is spun out with stubborn perseverance and no small degree of skill ; but the theme itself is a mere whim, and a whim which the author has not even developed out of his own nature, but which he has adopted wholesale from his critical friend and patron.

The sensation created by Gutzkow's novel on its first appearance has already subsided. The "moving incidents" of which it is a fee simile were, after all, only inci- dents—mere ephemeral matter, floating on the surface of life.

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They have since swept past us, and been superseded by others, which will again be superseded in their turn. In the meanwhile the stream of time keeps rolling on, but is itself, in fact, no longer the same stream. In like. The novels of which we are about to speak, however quietly and modestly they slipped into the world, seem destined to a very different futurity.


Spielhagen, Friedrich 1829-1911

It is an old story, and will, we suppose, repeat itself to all eternity. Whether it be Shakespeare or Sophocles, Goethe or Schiller, by whom the mimic scene is occupied, let but a riot break out in the streets, and lo!

After leaving university, he tried his hand at being a private tutor, an actor, a soldier and a teacher in a school in Leipzig , but upon his father's death in he devoted himself entirely to writing. He married Therese Boutin — with whom he had a daughter, Elsa Spielhagen — He died on 25 February Streets are named after him in his hometown of Magdeburg, as well as the three cities in which he lived: Stralsund, Hannover, and Berlin.

Works of Friedrich Spielhagen

These days, Sturmflut is his best known work though it is currently only available in an abridged form. Spielhagen's later works were almost entirely on literary theory. In , he published his autobiography, Finder und Erfinder 2 vols, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If it is added to AbeBooks by one of our member booksellers, we will notify you! Items related to Uhlenhans: Roman Classic Reprint. Uhlenhans: Roman Classic Reprint.

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